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Common CBD Questions

CBD is a pure plant extract, a food supplement, a herbal health booster that is more effective than anything we’ve experienced from nature before. CBD works by interacting with receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help enhance its responses to factors such as stress, pain, inflammation, and fatigue. There are many uses for CBD oil – civilisations have used hemp (of which CBD oil is a derivative) for its restorative and remedial properties throughout the ages. However due to current UK law, CBD oil manufacturers aren’t allowed to lay claim to the benefits of this botanical supplement. Because we make CBD oil, our hands are tied by that restriction and so we invite you to do your own research on the numerous benefits of this natural herbal supplement. Have a look at this blog post to hear how some of our customers find their experience of using CBD oil and how it has enabled them to lead a lighter, brighter, more balanced lifestyle.

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A landmark study in 2020 revealed that CBD does not impair driving. This was pivotal because past studies had only looked at the effects of cannabis and not CBD (which unlike cannabis is free of the psychoactive compound THC). Whilst more research is currently being carried out to ascertain further whether CBD affects driving, we look forward to updating you as more research comes to light.

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This will depend on the dose, formulation of the CBD product and why you are taking it.

Extensive research has gone into the safety of CBD based products, and its legalisation in 2015 brought with it strict government protocols for ensuring the safety of the consumer. CBD is a natural plant extract and it is entirely safe to consume.

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Yes. CBD is a legal substance in the UK. Companies selling CBD products as novel foods or food supplements in the UK must have submitted a Novel Food Application to the UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) by March 2021.

Selling CBD products that were processed outside of the UK is legal in the UK, providing they contain no controlled substances such as THC and are derived from hemp plants. THC is illegal in the UK. The maximum legal limit for THC in the UK is 1 milligram (1 thousandth of a gram) per container of CBD product, regardless of how much CBD product is within. Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor psychotropic cannabinoid present in hemp and cannabis plants, which is also illegal in the UK.

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Whilst lowering anxiety levels and feeling more relaxed can aid a peaceful uninterrupted night’s sleep, using CBD does not leave you feeling sleepy like some non-natural/ pharmaceutical sleep aids can. Excessive sleepiness is often found when ingesting the psychoactive compound THC (found in cannabis) and because THC is only present in minute quantities in CBD products, that heavy drowsiness is not an issue. Incorporating a natural botanical supplement like CBD into a healthy lifestyle involving good nutrition and mindfulness can provide the most restful night’s sleep but won’t make you feel excessively drowsy or with feelings of fatigue.

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The simple answer is no.

The cannabinoid responsible for the cannabis high is tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. It is THC that will be tested for in drugs tests.

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Published scientific and clinical studies indicate that tolerance to the pharmacological effects of CBD does not occur.

The UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) advises against the use of CBD by children under 18 years old.

CBD Beginners Guide

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that can be extracted to create numerous plant-based products. It is derived directly from the hemp plant and the

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How to take CBD

To properly experience the best that EthicaCBD can offer, it is important to properly administer the product. Our whole plant broad spectrum CBD, for example,

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Advanced CBD learning

CBD can be a difficult world to navigate, with lots of complex terminology. For a quick list of descriptions for the most common terminology, check out our CBD Glossary:

Further questions?

We are committed to helping educate and advise people on their CBD journey. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply:

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