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How to buy CBD

We often find customers reach out to us with problems placing their order. Whether that be finding the right product, applying a discount code, amending product quantities or checking out with their desired payment method, ordering online can be quite a frustrating experience.

So, we thought it would be best to create this section. This page runs through the ordering process on our website so you can checkout smoothly with the CBD products you want.


1) Where to find the CBD product you want

There are a few ways to get to the CBD products you’re looking for. 

Hover over ‘Buy CBD’ (1) to see all of our CBD product & select your option.

Or you can go directly to our CBD Skin Care range (2), our Sports Gel & CBD Topicals (3), or our Pure CBD Oils (4).

2) Adding products to your basket

If you select ‘All CBD Products’ under the ‘Buy CBD’ tab, then you will see our entire catalogue. 

Click on a product’s image or title to find out more information, or click the ‘Add to Basket’ button if you’re ready to buy. (1)

3. Shopping, Basket & Checkout (part 1)

Once you’ve selected ‘Add to Basket’, you will see a side bar open up, which lets you see what’s in your basket, and gives you the option to go to the basket page, or go to checkout to finish your order. 

You can click on the ‘X’ in the top right, or click any part of the page to close the side bar and continue shopping.

3) Shopping, Basket & Checkout (part 2)

The basket icon (1) also shows the total cost of your order. 

If you click on the cart icon or the cost, the side bar from the section above will appear, and you can choose to go to your basket to make changes (2) or checkout (3).

4) Your Basket: Confirming the order

When on the basket page, adjust the quantity of your products if needed (1) and then update your cart once you have the quantities you want (2). 

You can also apply a discount code if you have one (3). 

See point (4) for the total cost of your order. Discounts are shown here. 

Proceed to placing your order by clicking the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button (5)

Free products or promotions are also shown on this page. With this example, you can see we have a ‘Free Pure Defence CBD Oil’ with every order. Simply click the button to add this to your order for free.

5) Checkout (part 1): Choosing your payment method

We offer 2 payment methods: 

1. Card payments by Cardstream 

2. Bank Transfer by FENA (requires internet banking) 

The green circular icon on the left of the payment option shows that it is selected (1). If the circle is black, it is not selected. (2)

5) Checkout (part 2): Placing your order

You can enter a delivery address if it differs to your billing address by selecting the tickbox (1), and then read & accept our website’s terms & conditions (2) before placing your order (3).

6) Payment option 1: Card payments with Cardstream

If you select Card Payments by Cardstream, below is the page that you will be redirected to. Simply enter your details and place your order.

6) Payment option 2: Bank transfer with FENA (1/2)

If you select Bank Transfer by Fena, then you will be redirected to this page. 

You have to select your bank (1) and then select ‘continue’. Please note that although FENA can connect with the majority of UK Banks, some are missing. If you search your bank and it is not shown in the list, then please pay by card payment via Cardstream (above section) instead.

6) Payment option 2: Bank transfer with FENA (2/2)

Once you’ve chosen your bank, you can either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera which will let you complete the payment on your mobile banking app, or select ‘continue on desktop’ (2) to complete the payment.

Still having trouble with your order and need another way to pay?

If you’re still not able to order or if you’re having trouble with any one of the above stages, then don’t worry, we have some alternative options for you.

Ordering via Email

We can take your payment using a link which will be sent to your email. We will then place your order for you. 

Please email with your request, including the details of what you would like to order, your name, address, email and telephone number and we will arrange an order for you.